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The COVID pandemic accelerated the pharma industry’s digital transformation by more than five years.

As a result, organizations in the pharmaceutical industry have heavily invested in various digital technologies, including cloud computing and cybersecurity. As a result, the global ERP market continues to grow, with expectations that it will exceed $49.5 billion in revenue by 2025. 

Obstacles to Digital Transformation in the Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Industries

Pharma companies face challenges reflecting the rapid changes in the pharmaceutical industry, which are more complex due to strict regulations. Here are a few of the challenges.  


Consider retiring less-efficient legacy processes when exploring robust, future-focused pharma ERP software systems. Part of the process evolution may involve training and retraining employees with various tenures and levels of authority.


Larger organizations typically can embrace new digital solutions like pharma ERP software. However, smaller businesses may need more resources to fund the initial implementation. As a result, these enterprises might stick with legacy systems, especially if they have no clear pain points.

Pharma ERP software


Digital transformation via pharma ERP software can be slowed by insufficient direct knowledge, but it is not a reason to avoid it altogether. On the contrary, manufacturers who need more important technical expertise can find guidance from Pharmaceutical ERP partners who can control their industry and technical knowledge to guide technology purchases.


While pharma ERP software systems might be implemented with enthusiasm, the technology may still need assistance from employees who are only familiar with outdated processes or are simply unprepared for the new technological approaches. Employees could mishandle tools, open unsafe attachments, forward sensitive information outside the pharma company, or misconfigure the systems. 

What Is Pharma ERP Software?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) allows your company to manage your pharmaceutical business more effectively. The Pharmaceutical ERP system is the best method to recognize and track every raw material from receipt through processing, bundling, and shipping to the client location.

How Pharma ERP Software Enables Digital Transformation

As a result of digital transformation like Pharma ERP software, companies are better able to adapt all aspects of their businesses to technological advances. Technology and business are always evolving. As pharmaceutical companies embrace digital transformation via ERP pharma software solutions, they experiment with new technologies and rethink current approaches–from discovery manufacturing to marketing to post-marketing monitoring.

The digital transformation process with Pharma ERP software solutions involves automating business processes to increase productivity, enhance the patient experience, and stimulate innovation. Pharmaceutical organizations can benefit from digital transformation by using advanced analytics, improving accuracy and quality, reducing costs, staying secure, and improving efficiency.


Using pharma ERP software simplifies maintaining countless manufacturing instructions and formulations, including storing, retrieving, and securing every formula used in the business. Pharma ERP software provides manufacturers with formula security, patenting, approval, sizing, and multiple packaging options. 


Pharma ERP software allows you to integrate globally across divisions, departments, and geographical localities. Integration can include everything from inventory control and supply chain management to finance and customer relationship management (CRM). 


Pharma ERP software ensures that the pharma products are safe and ready for use. They must be manufactured with the highest quality in mind. The ERP pharma software system draws samples, defines tests, stores test results, and implements pass/fail formats according to industry standards and compliance requirements.

That traceability functionality through the ERP pharma system enables seamless and expedited product recalls. For example, the Pharma ERP software can trace issues with the ingredients via the supply chain, which includes pharmaceutical products in procurement through to the final sale.


Pharma manufacturers must comply with regulatory, industrial, and environmental requirements. With Pharma ERP software, you can abide by UDI regulations or the Falsified Medicine Directive (FMD). Pharmaceutical companies benefit from ERP by creating a business model that complies with all regulations and rules.


Pharma ERP software is the best way to track every raw material from receipt to the point of shipment, from receiving through processing, bundling, and shipping. By using state-of-the-art features, ERP pharma software scientifically keeps track of materials and inventory balances, reconciles inventory balances, and reduces waste.

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Support for Sample Management, Clinical Trials, and Commercialization

Pharma ERP software helps you facilitate extensive clinical trials better. Still, you can launch rigorous sample testing and initiate long product life cycles in a way that would only be possible with the latest technological innovations and support. In addition, Pharma ERP software systems also allow for the more accessible and seamless creation and maintenance of records.

It’s possible to track trial histories in a centralized database, which is easily accessible for use, audit, and reference. The ERP pharma system supports complete sample management, including communications, specifications, costs, approvals, rejections, and tracking. 

How Green Business Systems Can Help

Green Business Systems is an official NetSuite Pharma ERP software solutions and implementation provider for businesses. We help pharmaceutical and other life sciences companies become more productive and reliable with the power of NetSuite. Our proven methodology consistently delivers the results your company needs, with customization options in your Pharma ERP software solution that sync with your requirements while ensuring compliance.


Implementing effective pharma ERP software systems can benefit pharmaceutical companies significantly. In addition to accelerating production, this transition streamlines operations and helps manage costs. For a pharmaceutical company to survive, it’s essential to keep up with rapid changes in industry dynamics. ERP pharma solutions best support those needs in the evolving pharmaceutical industry with expert advice and support from Green Business System.

Contact us at Green Business Systems for more information about how you can achieve digital transformation with Pharma ERP software.