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A NetSuite implementation is most effective when you see it as an ever-evolving solution, one that continually adapts to make your business run more efficiently. But what if you run into a problem? If you do, you’ll need reliable, immediate and ongoing support to prevent system downtime while the problem gets resolved.

We set up your NetSuite Cloud Solution for the long run, but when inevitable technical issues arise, we’re on it. It’s what we do because we see our customers as long-term partners, not one-off projects. It’s all part of our commitment to you. You’ll have direct access to your designated GBS team of expert NetSuite consultants. Our goal is to have you feel confident knowing your system is running at its best.

We have the knowledge and experience to adapt software solutions to your critical data and process management needs and provide extensive NetSuite implementation services from discovery and design to development, customization, training and more.

What to Expect from Your GBS Support Team:

Advantages of GBS’s NetSuite support team:

  • U.S.-based. That means we work when you work.
  • We’re part of your team.
  • We don’t believe in starting from square one if there’s a problem. If possible, you’ll work with the same people who installed your system.
  • Same-day responses.
  • Quick turnaround.
  • On-demand, ongoing support. If you run into a problem, call us. We’re here with expertise, troubleshooting and other help that you need.
  • Training. We’ll get your team up to speed with the ins and outs of the system. We don’t have proprietary processes