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Quick Order Entry Form and Writing Off Small AR Balances

By October 1, 2020No Comments

At Green Business Systems, we’re the NetSuite experts. This ERP solution is robust and powerful, and helps companies become more efficient, productive and profitable. The GBS advantage, why companies choose us to implement and optimize NetSuite for them, is the fact that we’re also experts in the industries we serve. Combining our knowledge of NetSuite and your industry, we’re able to customize this powerful tool for your needs. We focus on your pain points and create ways to use NetSuite to meet those challenges with customized functionalities that will make the tool work even better for you.

Recently, we told you about how we optimized NetSuite for the publishing industry with our Alternate Lookup Field. In this installment of our New Solutions Spotlight series, we’re focusing on two functionalities that will help you with ordering and dealing with those pesky small customer balances.

Quick order entry form

Here’s the pain point: It can be tedious entering all the data you need for a customer order. There can be a few reasons why. Familiarity is one. Especially for new NetSuite users, entering Sales Orders can take a bit longer with NetSuite than it did with their old system that they had used for years. Or the line items may be populating slowly. Maybe there’s too much data. Maybe it takes 15 to 20 seconds to enter each line. When you’re busy, if a queue of customers is waiting on the phone, you don’t have that kind of time.

Here’s how we solved it: We created feature in which you can create an order pending the approval stage. You can enter the core information you need, including the customer, shipping address and the items they ordered. With our customization, you can save that order right there. You can just give the customer their customer number and the total, and boom, you’re onto the next customer. Then later, you can go back in and complete the order form when you don’t have customers on the phone.

it’s a simple solution but it helps you manage those busy times.

Writing off small AR balances

Here’s the pain point: A number of accounts languishing in the system with small balances on their accounts.

Here’s how we solved it: This is a common solution we’ve done for many clients. Let’s say you have a number of open accounts that have balances that are under $5. We created a filter that lets you put in that value and sort by other criteria like subsidiary, location and customer category. You get a list that shows you all of the customers that have a balance under $5. Submit them individually or all at once, and you’ll get credit memos to write off those balances. Those credit memos can be posted against any GL account.

Another simple solution that solves a big headache.

If you’re thinking about investing in NetSuite or want to customize it with these new features, contact Green Business Systems today.