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NetSuite Release Preview Accounts

By July 28, 2021No Comments

NetSuite isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it platform. It is ever-evolving and improving, updating its platform bi-yearly with new and better features. You want to stay on top of the latest updates for your business, and you can do so for free. Users can get early access to releases with a NetSuite Release Preview account.

Release Preview accounts are available to the NetSuite community and customers. They’re designed to help companies adjust to new features and verify that all their business processes and workflows will continue to perform as needed when the new features hit cyberspace.

How to get an account

It’s an easy process to get a Release Preview account.

NetSuite admins can simply go to: Setup>Company>Release Preview and click on Request Release Preview.

It’s really that easy, but it’s not immediate. It will take three to five business days for your account to be set up, and your network admin will get an email alert letting them know your access was granted.

Team review

It’s not just your admins that need access to the Release Preview. Once you get the information about the new releases, it’s time for your team to review all of the new features and update their notes. It’s critical for your team to look at these updates with a “what’s in it for us” attitude, studying how the new features may impact or improve your current processes. It’s important your team is on top of it, checking your customizations.

New Release Portlet

When you have an account, you’ll see the New Release portlet on your dashboard automatically prior to a new release. The information is organized into tabs, including:

  • New Release Highlights
  • New Release Notes
  • New Release Preview Information
  • Test Plan Template
  • Your Production Upgrade Date
  • Training Resources

A NetSuite Release Preview account allows you to stay on top of the latest features for greater efficiency and ultimately profitability of your business. At Green Business Systems, we can support NetSuite’s bi-yearly updates, making sure you get the most out of this powerful cloud-based ERP system. Contact us today for questions.