We make integrating your custom data and applications with NetSuite fast and easy. With our implementation experience and knowledge of legacy and emerging technologies, we can help align your most optimistic goals with the most advanced Cloud computing solutions available.

We help you take advantage of cloud computing efficiencies by integrating your critical business data using applications and advanced software platforms into a network of highly accessible digital tools for your team.

Integrating your first- and third-party data into NetSuite is just the beginning. It’s also about harnessing the power of NetSuite apps and module creation to meet your company’s unique needs, both now and in the future. We can help you meet each of these goals by putting NetSuite to work for you, the way you need it. We modify your system to connect key business functions and synchronize data management tools to make work processes more efficient and easier to use.

Our approach to integrations

How we customize NetSuite for your business needs

At GBS, we create customized workflows that allow your business to operate more efficiently by tailoring system functions to your specific industry and day-to-day business needs.

The secret to our client’s long-term success is our proprietary NetSuite methodology, which is founded on four key pillars:


We’ll collaborate closely with you to review and utilize your data, so you have minimal business disruption or downtime. In this stage, GBS will:

  • Review proper data management benefits including cutting costs, operational efficiency, optimization of digital systems and company growth
  • Focus on increased ROI as a result of rapid deployment and integration of software with business operation


The NetSuite platform was built to support the development of custom applications. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to reinvent the wheel with costly customization. It’s about making your processes simple and repeatable so you can easily work with NetSuite on your own and train your staff to do the same. That said, we don’t provide cookie-cutter service. With a personalized approach, we extract, aggregate and modify data that merges various applications, operating systems and digital platforms into new and efficient cloud processes. We custom build and develop integrations designed to meet your unique needs and apply to a wide range of sources including:

  • Spreadsheets
  • MySQL
  • ADO.Net
  • ODBC and much more.

Customization options also include accessibility via web browsers as well as through various operating systems and applications.


Your business doesn’t stand still, and neither should your ERP. We allow for future development of business processes that utilize cloud systems based on real-time optimization features. That way, you can automate workflows and get a better gauge as your business scales up without having to overhaul your ERP.

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We’re here for your team on-demand. We provide full-service, ongoing consulting services from your team of NetSuite experts during implementation and after you go live.

What to expect from a GBS NetSuite customization integration

GBS NetSuite development provides our clients with:

  • Full SuiteCloud customization using modules that help your unique business perform better and seamlessly integrate data and apps, creating more efficient processes
  • Improved workflow and productivity through custom dashboards, services, and reporting data
  • Newfound room for development and scale growth built on a foundation of SuiteCloud computing technologies

GBS’s method to NetSuite Integration and Customization services delivers a more personalized approach to extracting, aggregating, and modifying data that merges various applications, operating systems, and digital platforms into a new and efficient cloud tool to make your business operate better and smarter.

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