Green Business Systems uses a methodology fine tuned over many implementations to delivery consistent results. We focus on delivering practical ERP project plan and validating the solution throughout the implementation.

Aligning Business Processes with NetSuite

Successful implementation of ERP software solutions allows your business to reach a modern stage of efficiency and organization. GBS employs proven strategies and procedures that align your business operations with the full featured SuiteCloud platform that provides optimal process visibility, planning, customization and more.

The GBS Methodology

GBS employs proven methodologies custom-tailored to your unique industry and business operations to ensure optimized configuration and functionality of your ERP systems. We have the knowledge and experience to adapt software solutions to your critical data and process management needs, and provide extensive NetSuite implementation services from discovery and design to development, customization, training and more.


A detailed assessment of your processes and business goals is the first step to creating a software solution that helps you achieve maximum productivity. By partnering closely with our clients, we are able to determine exactly how to leverage NetSuite in order to perform seamless data migration and development of custom solutions.


Design elements of the GBS Methodology include preparing your NetSuite software for longevity and future optimization, with integrated financial software and custom business intelligence systems made to offer impressive versatility and potential.

Build and Deploy

ERP Implementation with GBS is powered by calculated design and solution blueprints that ensure instant functionality and seamless integration with your business processes. GBS helps your business save time and money with efficient implementation practices that give you account and financial reporting access without delay.


GBS excels in laying the groundwork for future optimization of your NetSuite software solutions with custom built-in versatility and compatibility for updates as well as scalable growth. When it comes to ERP, it’s important to work with a company that applies the same forward-thinking objectives to your software solutions as you do to your business.

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