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NetSuite 2020.2 feature spotlight: Drop ship sales orders and POs

By December 11, 2020No Comments

At Green Business Systems, it’s part of our job to be on top of the latest tweaks, changes and upgrades NetSuite rolls out. We study new features that our customers will benefit from. It’s all about minimizing or eliminating pain points in our customers’ day-to-day running of their business. The goal is helping you make your business life easier, more efficient, faster and more profitable.

You probably already know about NetSuite’s new release, 2020.2, that came out recently. We’re happy to let you know that, as of the 2020.2 release, NetSuite has created an enhancement that many of our customers have been asking for for years. It hasn’t received much fanfare, but it’s an advancement that is guaranteed to make your life easier, especially if you have increased drop ship orders.

Many of our clients have experienced an uptick (or even more than that) in their drop ship orders during the pandemic. It’s always vital to make that process as efficient as it can be to keep your shipping costs down and make sure they are not eating into your margins. Every minute you shave off your process is money in the bank.

This new NetSuite advancement allows the drop ship purchase order to update your sales order automatically.

When you update the quantity or amount on the purchase order, it now updates the sales order as well. Previous to this, frankly, there was a huge gap in functionality. Many of our clients have been updating those order details in NetSuite by hand. As you know, when you receive a purchase order, fulfillment can’t proceed until it’s available as a sales order in NetSuite. Now, you don’t have to worry about it. The process is automatic.

It has been a major pain point in the drop ship process, and this fixes it.

Our clients have been thrilled with it. It just goes to show that one small tweak can make all the difference in functionality, efficiency and speed.

We’ll continue to keep an eye out for new features and functionalities that can make your life easier. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about how to use the new drop ship purchase order feature in your business, give us a call. Helping our customers become more efficient and profitable is what we do.