NetSuite is the #1 cloud solution for the medical device manufacturing and distributing industry. The efficiency, performance and process improvements that NetSuite provides are all vital parts of the lifesaving chain of manufacturing medical devices and getting them into the hands of those who need them.

Green Business Systems is a NetSuite partner, experienced in implementing, integrating, optimizing and customizing NetSuite to suit the complexities of the medical device manufacturing and distributing industry.

Top NetSuite features and benefits that improve business performance and save money

Some specific ways GBS can help the medical device manufacturing and distributing industry harness the power of NetSuite include:

Access all of your business data in one place

We are experts in integrating data from multiple channels into one place. With NetSuite, you’ll gain the efficiency of having all of your data at your fingertips in one system optimized and customized especially for your needs.

Inventory and order management

GBS can help medical device manufacturers and distributors use NetSuite to support your supply chain, increasing your efficiency and speed. It also gives you the ability to have items with lot traceability and serialization. You can also use NetSuite to see real-time inventory availability whether you have one warehouse or many. All of this translates to ease of working with contract manufacturers, integrated quality control and case management for tracking reportable events, corrective actions and preventative actions.


We make it easy for you to place customer orders in the way that’s most convenient and effective for you, be it on your website, a mobile app or through your call center. It’s all about customizing the buying process to fit your business and customers’ needs, while streamlining purchase data and order history for your records and inventory purposes.

Managing financials

Supporting your bottom line. Your financials have never been clearer and easier to access. By empowering your business with real-time reporting features and fully customizing them to your specific needs, you’ll have the ability to monitor and course correct all from a single source of truth.

Powerful CRM capabilities

Customer relationships have never been more important. We provide you a 360-degree view of your buyers and their activity across every channel. You’ll see the how, what, when, where and why of their purchasing decisions, giving you valuable information about engaging them and deepening those relationships.


With our experience implementing, optimizing and customizing NetSuite for medical device manufacturers and distributors, we can help you utilize this powerful tool to make your operations as sleek and efficient as possible. Questions? Contact us today. We’re happy to talk about ways we can help.

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