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life sciences

NetSuite Medical Device
Erp Solutions Provider

Medical device manufacturers and distributors streamline business functions and get devices to market faster with NetSuite.

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life sciences

NetSuite Medical Device Erp Solutions Provider

Medical device manufacturers and distributors streamline business functions and get devices to market faster with NetSuite.

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Medical Devices
Challenges We Address

Medical device manufacturers and distributors need to stay up-to-date with data security and compliance requirements without prohibitive hardware, software, and maintenance costs to stay profitable and grow.

The high costs associated with outdated legacy and on-premises solutions are made worse by a lack of business data and real-time insights.

NetSuite helps medical device manufacturers connect their business across all functions, departments and locations with a real-time, 360-degree view.

Our Solutions

Optimized Supply Chain

For medical device manufacturers and distributors to maintain quality control over their devices, companies need real-time visibility of inventory at all locations around the globe to help schedulers, planners and buyers prepare and communicate with customers and suppliers. NetSuite’s inbound shipment management allows device companies to do business with various suppliers and consolidate multiple purchase orders into a single system to simplify tracking and status updates.

Streamlined Sales Cycles

With a 360-degree view of the buyer across all channels and touchpoints, NetSuite’s demand planning module helps medical device companies determine needed items based on seasonal fluctuations in demand and sales. By providing the right balance of robust functionality and proper use of inventory, device makers get intelligent control over inventory to avoid stock-outs and maintain consistency.

Unified Platform

Relying on a combination of disconnected solutions keeps too many medical device manufacturers from reaching their potential. As a company grows and the supply chain diversifies, NetSuite brings multiple medical device systems and data into one single solution. Medical device companies gain valuable insight from company-wide data to empower teams to make better decisions for accountability, traceability and validation.

360-degree Customer View

Get unmatched visibility into the buyer across all channels and across all locations and warehouses to enable a buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere experience. Medical device companies have anytime access to real-time, pre-built reporting, customizable to specific needs. Automatically record each interaction within a single, searchable system—from marketing and sales to service and support. Real-time inventory visibility helps device makers deliver a consistent shopping experience across all channels, including web, mobile, in-store, and call centers.

Medical Device ERP Solutions

Designed For Rapid Growth

Medical Device NetSuite Solution Provider

Automate Manual Processes

Medical device companies can manage vendor relationships more effectively, move faster and make more intelligent decisions while automating key processes.

Superior Reporting Capabilities

NetSuite offers real-time, pre-built reports for complete visibility into essential processes and business heath. Medical device makers can also build custom reports to suit their needs.

Reduced Costs

NetSuite cloud ERP removes the hassle of legacy and on-premise systems that require support staff and IT infrastructure, including servers, workstations, and expensive upgrades.

Increased Productivity

With CRM and ERP combined into a unified solution, medical device companies get a real-time view of company-wide performance to track critical initiatives.

Netsuite For Medical Device

NetSuite’s cloud platform is the medical device industry solution of choice for inventory and order management, ecommerce, financials and powerful CRM capabilities.

Medical device manufacturers and distributors need to optimize supply chains with increased visibility for improved quality control over modern medical devices.

With NetSuite, medical devices companies can manage industry complexities in the cloud to enable a buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere experience with real-time inventory visibility across all locations and warehouses.

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Medical Device Companies Run on NetSuite Cloud ERP

Our Solutions

Inventory and Order Management

Medical device manufacturers and distributors use NetSuite to support supply chains while increasing efficiency and speed, including lot traceability and serialization capabilities. Medical device companies get real-time inventory availability across all locations and warehouses for integrated quality control and case management for tracking reportable events, corrective actions, and preventative actions.

eCommerce Management

Medical device manufacturers and distributors can more conveniently and efficiently take customer orders from their website, a mobile app or even through a call center. It’s all about customizing the buying process to fit the business and customer needs while streamlining purchase data and order history for your records and inventory purposes.

Financial Management

NetSuite supports medical device makers' bottom line with financials that have never been more clear and easier to access. By empowering medical device companies with real-time reporting features and fully customizing to meet specific needs, device companies have the ability to monitor and course-correct, all from a single source of truth.

Powerful CRM Capabilities

Customer relationships have never been more important for medical device companies. We provide a 360-degree view of buyers and their activity across every channel so device makers can see how, what, when, where, and why of purchasing decisions for valuable insights to engage and deepen those relationships.

Medical Device ERP Solutions Role

Growth starts at the top. Equip your leadership team with technology that helps them navigate challenges, manage risks, and control costs. With NetSuite, your C-Suite gains visibility into your entire operations to ensure innovation is always top of mind.

Chief Executive Officer

As chief strategist, chief decision-maker, and chief profit-driver, your CEO wears many hats.

An advanced ERP helps them see what’s required at each level of success while providing a clear path on how to get there.


The role of CFO goes far beyond financials.

In today’s highly complex business environment, a fully integrated financial management system ensures core responsibilities are met while also providing the flexibility for shifting or expanding business priorities.

Chief Information Officer

Information technology has expanded to become one of the most critical areas of any business.

With employees and operations all working in the cloud, CIOs must be attuned to all IT requirements. Seamless upgrades, packaged integrations, and limitless customizations enables CIOs to fully tailor the system to business needs while keeping pace with emerging technologies.


Financial processes are positioned at the core of any business—especially in the life sciences industry.

NetSuite gives Controllers a single source of truth for all financial processes with special controls in place to ensure compliance and regulatory standards are always met.

Growing Businesses’ Go-to Erp Systems Solutions And Implementation Provider

Deborah JawickiDirector of Finance, Chicago Music Exchange

When the going gets tough, Jesse Marcano gets going. We went through a very technical and intense implementation to NetSuite and Jesse was vital to our success. His dedication, NetSuite savvy and focus got us through!

Vito GaetaCFO - Bedgear Performance

During the last three years Jesse has been extremely responsive to evolving needs and priorities. He takes the time to listen and understand the problem, then develops solutions that don't break other processes.

Tim ZuelligCreative Director – Yardmax

We've developed a long working relationship with GBS leadership that is now in its 3rd year. They'll go over and above to meet your needs, even in "emergency" situations and after-hours. We can't always predict when error might appear somewhere in the EDI chain. But rest assured, Jesse M. and crew are always there to get on top and solve these mission critical issues, or provide preventative solutions to guard against future issues.

Terrance BrennanCFO – Loyola Press

Without Jesse and GBS, we would never have been able to "go live" with Net Suite. They stepped in and "saved the day

George KapitzkyCFO - Southfield Corporation

We thought we could use Oracle NetSuite “out the box” but we soon discovered there are so many nuances to our business that it would be very difficult. We used various consultants through and post-implementation and felt of all of them, GBS was head and shoulders above the rest. They did a great job for us, quick response, high-reliability, excellent communication with our team and their prices were very reasonable. I highly recommend this company and for our next year’s budget, we’ll be using them almost exclusively.