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Leveraging Cloud-Based ERP for Growth in the Life Science Industry

By April 8, 2021No Comments

Many industries, especially today, are facing new and complex challenges. Working in a field like zoology in which you’re caring for animals with very different and complex needs, or botany, in which you’re maintaining a greenhouse with vast flora that require specific care, means there are a lot of balls to juggle at one time. It isn’t so different for life science companies.

Life science companies are facing challenges with growing their businesses, including:

Staffing. It’s a delicate balance, knowing whether to staff up and hire more people when you get demand surges, or choosing to do more with your current staff levels. Oftentimes, it’s a choice that can require a crystal ball. Will those demand levels stay high in the future and justify the extra staff?

A truly holistic view. Companies find they are unable to maintain a holistic view of the business because they are tracking multiple teams’ KPIs in disparate systems and at different times.

How the right ERP system can help life science companies manage growth

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system allows companies to rely on a single system to manage key business processes, including:

  • Data from each department
  • Real-time information
  • General, day-to-day operations

Strategies for the life science industry

Life science companies are facing unprecedented financial pressures, unique market demands and increasing compliance requirements. Companies need better, faster ways to manage massive amounts of data. Life science, like many industries, is changing and becoming more modernized. It’s important to utilize cloud systems for company growth today: QuickBooks and Excel aren’t cutting it.

Advantages of an ERP system for life science companies:

  • Cloud-based systems allow companies to level up without added staff. This lets you manage your growth but not get ahead of it.
  • You can easily follow the latest FDA regulations (Good Manufacturing Practices or “GMP”).
  • An ERP allows you to have greater oversight and quality control of life science products.
  • We can help you incorporate compliance into your ERP system.
  • The right ERP simplifies 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Read more about it in our blog “System Validation and Compliance: How GBS Can Help.”

Why GBS?

At Green Business Systems, we are an official NetSuite ERP solutions and implementation provider. We help companies, including those in life sciences, make their businesses more efficient with the power of NetSuite. We use a methodology fine tuned over many implementations to deliver consistent results.

We start with defining business needs and management expectations, and build the system that’s right for your business now and in the future.

Leveraging Oracle NetSuite, GBS has helped life science companies:

  • Gain better visibility and insight into their business
  • Increase efficiencies to manage growing business
  • Help manage and control expenses
  • Create affordable ERP systems

Contact Green Business Systems today to find out more.