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Inventory Cycle Count and Item Label Printing Made Easy

By November 10, 2020No Comments

GBS takes pride in finding opportunities to customize NetSuite for our customers. It’s about starting with what’s already there in this powerful tool, digging deeper and uncovering efficiencies that will make the job easier, more streamlined and ultimately more profitable for the customers we serve.

We can do that because we’re not only experts in NetSuite, we’re experts in your business, too. We know what makes our clients’ businesses tick. We specialize in wholesale distribution, medical device manufacturers and distributors, the manufacturing industry, Canadian legal cannabis, life sciences and more. So when we’re on hand implementing and optimizing NetSuite for your business, we can see opportunities to use a customization that we’ve built.

Here are a couple of our newest customization features that our developers have been working on. They solve problems for two tasks that are connected — printing labels for inventory and counting that inventory accurately.

Printing labels made easy (and customizable!)

When you’re getting inventory out to customers, you need to print labels containing a whole host of information, including bar codes, location and other identifiers. Our customized label feature allows you to see items that are in stock — or out of stock — in NetSuite and print labels for your inventory, directly from the Suitelet, with the bar codes you need.

The feature we created makes the labels themselves highly customizable and can include item number, lot number (which is specific to items on hand at that location), units of measure conversion, yard number, location and more.

And while you’re in that field, it’s easy to do an inventory cycle count.

Inventory Cycle Count

If you’ve got inventory that you need to get to vendors or end users, you know that keeping your supply chain optimized is what it’s all about. You need to move that product on time, for the least amount of money possible, right? It all starts with an accurate count of your inventory. You don’t want to be promising what you can’t deliver because you were wrong about your inventory count. One persistent problem has been the inability to import negative quantities.

This new customization allows you to use the same selection criteria — subsidiary, location, vendor or item — that you’ve used with the labels, to mark items to be part of the cycle count.

The screen shows you a list of all items. For example, say you have 800 items at one location. It shows all the items with the quantities on hand. You can see a list of all 800 items on your screen. It you want to count all of them, you can mark all of them. If you want to count by other criteria, you can do that, too. It marks all 800 items in a matter of seconds. It’s about rapid performance.

Doing that with a Map/Reduce, it would take 9 minutes. With the GBS customization, it takes seconds.

These new features take several steps in the cycle count process and make them easier, more efficient and faster. They overcome two big challenges: importing negative quantities and displaying labels in a format that is customizable.

If you’re thinking about investing in NetSuite or want to customize it with these new features, contact Green Business Systems today.