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How GBS’s Alternate Item Lookup field optimizes NetSuite for publishing

By July 14, 2020No Comments

One powerful reason to choose Green Business Systems is the intersection of our deep knowledge of NetSuite with our knowledge of certain industries that use it to streamline operations and better serve their customers. It allows us to look at the existing NetSuite feature set and customize it, making tweaks and adding functionality to meet the needs of specific industries.

One example of this is NetSuite for Media and Publishing Companies. GBS built on this tool and added features it didn’t already have, making it more functional, easier and more efficient for publishers.

Here’s the backstory.

NetSuite for Media and Publishing Companies already offers a robust suite of features, allowing publishers to manage their customers, including subscribers and advertisers, in one suite that integrates all of the back-office business, like financials, accounting and order management, with sales. As it is, according to NetSuite, the Publishing suite allows users to:

  • Execute sales campaigns within the system and easily measure results.
  • Manage both aspects of sales: selling insertion orders to advertisers and subscriptions to your readership.
  • Track advertisements from insertion order through fulfillment and verification, then automatically generate invoices per customized billing schedules.
  • Integrate with other solutions you use to drive your business, such as DoubleClick, OpenAds and other verification servers.

It allows for streamlined operations, accelerated order insertion, the ability to grow subscribers and the tracking of advertising performance. Solution highlights include:

Order Management, which manages sales and optimizes workflow with CRM and invoice integration.

Commissions Management, which creates auditable structures for complex sales incentive management and forecasts sales expenses.

Integrated Commerce, allowing the management of content subscriptions and sales integrated with the customers’ general ledger.

Advanced Reporting, which closely monitors content performance.

A great suite of features. GBS made it better with alternate item lookup.

NetSuite for Media and Publishing already has a powerful suite of features, but based on conversations with our customers, we found that something was missing. The ability to look up items by their ISBN number.

If you’re in publishing, you already know that the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique identifier for books. It’s used by publishers, booksellers, libraries and anyone else dealing with books to identify them for ordering, listing, sales and stocking.

Publishers often have an ISBN as a reference number for their items but, the disconnect is, the ISBN is not the SKU used for the item or what NetSuite calls the “item name.” In most instances the item name would be the title of the book. That creates a layer of complexity that doesn’t need to be there. So we created a field that allows you to use the ISBN (or any other alternate ID) to look up the item on transactions.

Key features of GBS Alternate Item Lookup

Here’s what our added feature can do that NetSuite alone can’t.

  • Allows users to look up items on transaction lines by ISBN10, ISBN13, Buyer Part Number, or any other unique identifier for an item.
  • Can be deployed on Estimate, Sales Order, Invoice, Credit Memo, Inventory Adjustment, Transfer Order Inventory Transfer, Purchase Order and Vendor Bill transactions.
  • Populates all alternate IDs on transaction line item. Alternate IDs can be used for EDI mapping.

If you’re thinking about investing in NetSuite for your publishing business or want to customize it with our Alternate Lookup field, contact Green Business Systems today.