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Find the website solutions you need during COVID-19 with SuiteCommerce

By May 20, 2020No Comments

Your business and its employees have been through a lot in the last two months. From redeploying resources to launching new products, you’ve constantly been tasked with adjusting your business plan and strategy to help customers during the COVID-19 crisis.

And while you’ve been so busy helping others, you’ve probably felt your company could use a little support as well with a new website tailored to serve your changing needs. Fortunately, that support is available and you can find it through NetSuite’s new SuiteCommerce in 10 Days or Less.

Throughout the month of May your business has the opportunity to utilize NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce solution through Green Business Systems to create your own brand new website and have it running in 10 days or less. This provides you the agility you require to adapt to your customers’ and your company’s needs during this time.

Putting the plan to work for you

So how do you begin your new website project? Start by contacting Green Business Systems to learn more about the project and how we can support you. You’ll need to establish domain ownership and your ERP implementation must be complete. This is particularly true for Design to Build and Order to Cash. If you don’t have a domain, Green Business Systems can help you acquire one as well as help you align themes and imagery for your new site.

You must also have already established Payment Gateway or an acceptable alternative and your proposed site must include no more than 100 skus. Your proposed site must also include no catalog segmentation or third-party integrations. Once again, Green Business Systems can help you ensure your credit card processing profiles in NetSuite.

Finally, try to avoid matrix items if possible or limit your matrix with only two options. A matrix-free implementation can be done in as little as four days so it’s worth the adjustment if you can do it.

Advancing your business in times of constant change

If you’re a small or medium business, NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce initiative could help you pivot quickly during COVID-19. Whether you’re a manufacturer adjusting your product lines, a retailer transitioning from in-store to online or you’ve got another initiative that would benefit from the support of a new website, this is a great time to push your business forward with a new opportunity.

There’s no time to waste. To learn more about this opportunity to grow or reshape your business through a new website, contact us today.