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The food industry has faced some stiff challenges in recent years, including the fallout from COVID-19, which wreaked havoc on the food and beverage industry.

In addition to recovering, companies are working on increased sustainability, expanding plant-based offerings, and incorporating AI and automation more fully into their operations. Managing these changes and others may seem daunting, but an ERP for the food industry can help you conquer them.

The constantly changing food industry demands that you implement an advanced system that can handle most aspects of your business. Without the right ERP system for food manufacturers, your company will struggle with digitalization and other issues that impact retaining and attracting clients. Having an ERP system is no longer optional. It’s a way to keep up.

What is an ERP System for Food Manufacturers?

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software system that allows you to effectively manage your financials, supply chain, customer service, and more. An ERP system for food manufacturers is customized to handle issues unique to your industry, such as the need for prompt order fulfillment, reliable delivery, and complex payroll solutions.

A sound food processing ERP system, such as NetSuite for Food and Beverage, can order raw materials, manage production planning, handle billing, and improve customer service. It does not require third-party software to get the job done. Instead of managing multiple platforms, you can get the job done with one comprehensive system.

ERP for Food Industry and Digital Transformation

All businesses need to be in tune with today’s technology. Your company can only remain competitive if you embrace digital transformation, including AI, automation, cloud computing, social media, and business applications. Digitalization of your business would be overwhelming without the right ERP for the food industry. An ERP system is central to digitalization tasks, whether you are designing an online store or creating better live chat assistance.

The pandemic hastened the implementation of digital assets since people could not congregate. Online ordering improved, as did food delivery options. Now that the pandemic is over, consumers are not returning to their previous behaviors. They have come to depend on online ordering and speedy delivery of food and beverage items.

ERP systems are largely responsible for the speed and success of these permanent industry improvements.

ERP for Food Industry Key Features

Clearly, some ERP systems are superior to others. Before buying, make sure your ERP for the food industry has the following key features:  

  • Advanced inventory management – Your ERP should manage your supply chain and help you with cost control, service performance, and lead times.  
  • Partner Communication – The right system will give you multiple communication options and portal access for your supply chain partners.  
  • Customer Support Services – Your ERP should be able to respond to customer concerns instantly and accomplish tasks like shipping replacement units, resolving warranty claims, and arranging repairs.  
  • Manage Marketing Efforts – An advanced ERP can control the entire marketing process, including creating and executing ad campaigns. Also, the system should be able to generate qualified leads for your sales agents.  
  • Omnichannel Commerce – Your food or beverage business may sell through B2B, B2C, etc. Your ERP should allow you to sell through any channel.  

The competition among providers is fierce, but some systems will serve your company better by offering an ERP system designed specifically for food manufacturers.  

Choosing the Right ERP System for Food Manufacturers

When it comes to the food industry, NetSuite for Food and Beverage meets your requirements for an advanced ERP. It offers you a 360-degree view of your clients, so you can better address their concerns and improve their level of satisfaction. This enhanced service will help you attract new customers, retain current clients, and lower service costs. Your customers get everything they need because all your departments, including sales support and fulfillment, receive current real-time data on the account. As a result, everyone is on the same business page.  

Many businesses are now global. NetSuite simplifies international commerce by allowing you to easily adjust to local currency, taxes, and compliance issues. Plus, you can view company performance at any time worldwide.  

In addition, NetSuite for Food and Beverage is scalable, easy to operate, and offers unprecedented supply chain control. It streamlines sales, fulfillment, and delivery and saves you endless administrative hours. It centralizes and improves most of your business functions, saving you time and improving your company’s bottom line.  

How Green Business Systems (GBS) Can Help

Green Business Systems offers NetSuite ERP for Food Industry, including food manufacturers and food processing ERP.  Our experienced team members can customize it to fit your company’s needs. We make implementation far easier and faster than you can imagine.  

Some companies make you wait for hours or days to get the information you need. At GBS, our focus is on customer service, so if you need ERP support, you can reach us quickly. You will never wait for more than two hours to receive an answer. 

The food industry constantly evolves and keeping up with the changes requires a superior ERP system. At GBS, we understand precisely how NetSuite ERP for food industry technology will help simplify your workflows and improve your outcomes. We are the NetSuite whisperers. 

Let us Help You Integrate NetSuite into Your Company’s Workflow

Your food or beverage company needs an ERP system for food manufacturers to help you manage all aspects of your business, from financials to supply chains and customer service. At GBS, we are experts in NetSuite Food and Beverage, the system you need to create smooth customer transactions, communicate with your partners, and pay your employees. 

In today’s business climate, you cannot afford to delay improving your company’s performance. For more information about the right ERP for your business, fill out a brief online form or call us at 312-470-2262. Our team will present you with the best options for your software system needs and get started on implementation right away!