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Creating a Consolidated Bill of Lading from Multiple Sales Orders

By September 16, 2020March 3rd, 2022No Comments

At Green Business Systems, we pride ourselves on not just being the NetSuite experts, but diving deep into the industries we serve in order to come up with creative ways to customize NetSuite to better meet our customers’ needs. It’s about making this powerful tool even more useful to you in ways specific to your pain points and challenges.

NetSuite is the #1 Cloud ERP for manufacturers, but over the course of our years working with manufacturing customers, we uncovered something NetSuite didn’t already do: automatically create a bill of lading.

We found that it was a pain point for our customers, especially those who regularly ship LTL (less than a truck load) merchandise to large, big-box stores like Home Depot.

It can seem like everywhere you ship your products has a different set of requirements for freight delivery. Our customization allows you to meet those differing requirements automatically, creating less hassle and greater efficiency.

But we didn’t stop there. What happens when you have multiple sales orders going on the same truck?

We customized this feature further to create a consolidated bill of lading for multiple sales orders going on one truck.

The new field allows you to enter each customer and the start and end dates of the sales orders you want to consolidate. It then displays all of those sales orders, including the line items and information, in one place. The information includes item number, date, quantity and amount.

You can then create a consolidated bill of lading with specific line items from all of your sales orders, not a separate bill of lading for each order.

It might say: two pallets of X, two pallets of Y, one pallet of Z. And you get one bill of lading that shows each line item — those pallets — from different sales orders that are going on one truck.

It also pulls the shipping address, bill of lading number, barcode and any other information you need.

Usually, a company would have to invest in an expensive transportation management system to get a document like that out of NetSuite. But GBS has created it for you, so you don’t have to make that investment.

If you’re thinking about investing in NetSuite for your manufacturing business or want to customize it with our Bill of Lading field, contact Green Business Systems today.