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Create containers from PO lines for ocean freight

By September 23, 2020No Comments

Another example of how Green Business Systems has taken a powerful feature from NetSuite and customized it, making it even more powerful for our customers.

NetSuite’s Inbound Shipment Management feature is extremely useful, providing the ability to define and track containers of goods as they make their way to you from your suppliers. Once the container record has been created, you can use the intuitive Add PO Items screen to choose which of the items from your open purchase orders are to be tracked. The status of the container can be easily updated and monitored, and once received you can receive all of the PO Items at once.

Key Benefits of Inbound Shipment Management

  • Centralized Container Tracking Record
  • Update/Receive All POs
  • Landed Cost Calculations

But, based on feedback from our customers, we saw that this feature didn’t go far enough. So we created a custom solution that is a standalone functionality for customers who ship via ocean freight.

Instead of having just a couple of fields to control like container ID, container number and vessel name, you can control location, destination, shipping date (ETD), arrival date (ETA), port available date, and item fulfillment date.

In creating these container fields, we’re passing the data directly from the purchase order. At a glance, you can see the container, vessel name, status, location, destination, shipping and arrival date.

This interacts with the purchase orders, so that when you build that container and it has those fields, it links directly to the purchase order. So, if I look for item number XYZ1234 on the purchase order, it’s going to have all of the dates set at the line level and also linked back to the container. So when you receive the container, you’ll also automatically receive all of those line items.

It’s a more robust version of Inbound Shipping Management.

At Green Business Systems, we’re all about customizing the power of NetSuite to better meet our customers’ needs. Contact us today!