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Celigo Integrations with eCommerce and NetSuite

By December 3, 2020No Comments

More than 2,500 NetSuite customers use Celigo for their integrations. There are good reasons for that, including the ability to sync orders and fulfillments, intuitive setup design, its low maintenance, and it can be expanded when you need to grow.

If you’re a NetSuite user who uses Celigo for integration, you should know about a customization we’ve made at Green Business Systems.

As with everything we do, it’s about finding our customers’ pain points and creating ways to reduce or eliminate them. Our goal is to make your life easier, your business processes faster and more efficient, and ultimately to help you grow and increase your bottom line. Sometimes that means customizing already-great functionalities within NetSuite to better meet customers’ needs.

Here’s a spotlight look into what we found:

Our focus for this customization: Companies that are running NetSuite and have a high transaction volume in ecommerce channels: Shopify, Magento, Amazon, Wayfair and the like.

Their pain point: The limit of 9,999 sub-customers.

Our fix: We automated the assignment of parent customer by date and eliminated the need to manually create new sub-customers. Here’s how it works: In Celigo, we have the main parent customer mapped. Then, in NetSuite we run a map reduce script every day to re-assign the parent customer based on the year, week of the year and day of the week. This saved search shows the customer it needs to be assigned to. The parent customer is updated once a day.

If a customer does more than 9,999 orders in one day we can run this more frequently.

At Green Business Systems, we’re all about customizing the power of NetSuite to better meet our customers’ needs. If you’re using Celigo for integration, we can help make the job easier and more efficient for you. Contact us today!